ND Transport Spedycja

ND Transport Spedycja is a dynamically developing company established in 2013. Our main scope of activity is domestic and international carriage of goods. We specialise in the carriage of both containerised and loose cargo. We focus on the quality of the services we provide. We ensure the security of transported cargo and timely deliveries. To increase security we use best insurance practices. We are looking forward to working with you!

Our main destinations:

Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden, France, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Liechtenstein

Our fleet

Our fleet includes vehicles with the following sizes: 13.6 m (length), 2.48-2.50 m (width), 2.75-3.00 m (height). We possess both standard and mega trailers. All our vehicles are fitted with hydraulic roofs, they possess XL certificates and meet European safety and environmental standards. They are also equipped with GPS navigation and GSM cell phones.

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    ND Transport Spedycja - Emilia Krausa-Klejna
    ul. Bursztynowa 1
    84-312 Cewice

    +48 608 042 873+48 608 042 873 - Emilia Krausa-Klejna

    +48 694 956 230+48 694 956 230 - Mariusz Klejna


    NIP: PL8411651921
    TimoCom ID: 316072
    TransId: 631800